January 2018


Happy New Year!

“In the New Year, never forget to thank to your past years because they enabled you to reach today! Without the stairs of the past, you cannot arrive at the future!” I came across this quote by the Turkish playwright Mehmet Murat ildan a couple of days ago, and the words really resonated with me. This coming year marks a pretty special milestone for NMTS – throughout 2018 we will be celebrating our 15th birthday! As we have been talking about the special ways we want to commemorate our successes, I have been thinking a lot about the ‘stairs of the past.’ There are so many organizations, businesses, and people who have left their mark on NMTS since we started in 2003. Over the next 12 months we will be celebrating the many faces of NMTS. We will be sharing stories, pictures, and videos – and we will be inviting you to share your memories as well. I am looking forward to being able to honor those who have enabled us to reach today and who are helping us arrive at the future. Stay tuned for lots of excitement in 2018!!!

Manal Toppozada, Executive Director

Siren Song Masquerade

Slip into the belly of a sunken ship and become enchanted by the siren’s song. Twirl through the night on the ocean floor where decadent sweets, strange creatures and bubbling champagne await! The Siren Song Masquerade will bring our community together with fantastic music, dancing, champagne, desserts, auctions, and captivating surprises.

The Siren Song Masquerade is Note-Able Music Therapy’s 14th annual gala. It will be more spectacular than ever, as the Atlantis comes alive with mermaids, sea creatures and pirates. The Reno Jazz Orchestra always delights the crowd with big band music and dancing. This year we are also excited to feature soloist Carolyn Dolan, along with special performances by The Note-Ables. Local performance artists will set the stage for a wonderful evening of entertainment and whimsy.

This one event provides 15% of the NMTS annual operating budget. Every dollar spent gives us the financial capacity to provide low-cost and sliding-fee adaptive music and music therapy. Come, invite your friends, and leverage a fabulous evening into supporting great work in our community!

General admission tickets: $65/each
Mermaid’s Table for 10: $1,000
Buried Treasure Table for 10: $2,000 

NMTS Moments – The Holiday Choir

There is a special magic about the holiday season, and singing always seems to bring it out! The NMTS Holiday Choir brought together members of the community ranging in age from 17 to 70. They began rehearsals in October and performed several times to audiences totaling almost 500 people, spreading holiday cheer everywhere they went.

One group member remarked: “I love the group of folks and the fun and caring vibe. I’ve had a tough couple of weeks, and being there really lifted my spirits.” This speaks to how supportive and kind the group is, as well as the ability of music to reach each of us where we are. Our choir was truly a group effort, where everyone was included, valued, and respected.

The choir came alive the most when performing. Taking the stage with bright smiles and festive scarves, they sang their hearts out, engaging audiences and having fun. The performances frequently turned into sing-a-longs with the audience, and they truly brought our community a little closer together.

We are happy to say the choir will continue throughout the coming year! Choir members will learn new songs, and have many more opportunities to perform in the community.

The community choir meets weekly on Wednesdays, 2:15 – 3pm at NMTS. The choir is $15/month and free for older adults 55+. Teens through adults of all abilities are encouraged to join! No prior choir or singing experience is necessary, and you don’t have to be able to read music. Call 324-5521 to get started or email Maura Hennessy at maura@nmtsreno.org.

Music Therapy Perspectives – Gait Training with Neurologic Music Therapy

A recent study entitled  Neurologic Music Therapy for Gait Training Following Stroke: A Case Study found that neurologic music therapy (NMT) can promote more normal gait as an adjunct to physical therapy. The case study shows the progress of a 41 year old man who had a stroke and received 8 weeks of neurologic music therapy, 2-3 days per week, in addition to physical therapy. His scores in the Functional Independence Measure as well as Berg Balance Test rose dramatically from the start of treatment to the completion of treatment. Qualitative gait measures also showed improvement. The case study adds to the growing body of research on NMT and how it can improve functioning for people with a variety of neurological impairments.

NMTS is providing neurologic music therapy at our new Sierra Music Therapy Clinic in downtown Reno. Call 775-324-5521 for more information.

Best of Facebook

This is a lovely short film about a 93-year old man with dementia who is reunited with music. He was a jazz piano player who played in a band in his younger years. The film documents his time at an assisted living facility where an activities coordinator helped him experience the joy of music again.

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Reno Tahoe Tonight!

We are so pleased to have the Siren Song Masquerade be featured in the January issue of Reno Tahoe Tonight! Many talented artists came together to create the vision for these photos, capturing the mystery and romance of a bygone era. Tickets are on sale now! Formal dress and costumes encouraged.

We’d like to thank all of the people who came together to make this happen: Oliver X of Reno Tahoe Tonight, Calvin Hobson, La Di Da Beauty, Celadon Events, Georgia Maestro, Tammy Borde and the Chocolate Walrus, The Saint,Anastasia Bobadilla, jenae Gerstmann of Meraki Aerobatics, Petal to the Metal, Sophie Moeller, Mary Bennett of Bruka Theater, and Tina Mokuau.


Upcoming Events

State of the City “Biggest Little Arts City” – Thursday, January 18th, 5pm (Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts) We are excited to be part of Reno’s 2018 State of the City event. This free evening will be a celebration of Reno’s arts and culture, hosted by Mayor Hillary Schieve and members of the city council. The event will start with a Community Engagement Fair at 5pm, followed at 6:30 by performances from The Note-Ables and other groups, and the State of the City address by Mayor Schieve. You don’t want to miss this great event!

Siren Song Masquerade – Saturday, February 10th, 8pm (Atlantis Casino) Dance the night away on the ocean floor with flowing champagne, exquisite desserts, and mysterious creatures of the deep. The evening features Carolyn Dolan, The Reno Jazz Orchestra, The Note-Ables, auctions, and many surprises. Come in your favorite costumes! Buy your tickets and tables NOW to enjoy this fabulous evening, raising funds to bring music to everyone in our community.

Basement Session – Monday, March 19th, 12pm (McKinley Arts and Culture Center) Would you like to get to know more about music therapy, adaptive music, and The Note-Ables? This lunch event is free to attend and is a small gathering, so there’s plenty of time to ask your questions. And The Note-Ables play! RSVP to Sarah Toney at sarahtoney@nmtsreno.org

December Thank Yous

Thank you to our December donors! Special thank to Reno Sparks Scheels and Vesper Society for their generous donations! Also, many thanks to all of our wonderful donors who broke records for our year end campaign: Frankie Sue Del Papa, Jim Frommer, GE Foundation, Barbara Gruenewald, Joann and Richard Hemp, Jeanille and Bill Hyde, Doug and Kim Lanning, Niccola London, Joe Macaluso, Tony Macaluso, Lynda Mahorter, Richard and Natalie Michaelson, Liz Motter, Nevada Diabetes Association, Chuck Parmalee, Erik Petersen and Melanie Mahan, Heidemarie Rochlin, Judith Ryan, Ron Short and Jan Johnson, Marcy Shover, Larry and Judy Simcoe, Geilan Toppozada, Douglas Vacek, Ken and Doreen Vogel, Bert Wells, Donald and Ruth Williams, Judy Williams, Dave and Connie Wilson, John and Sharri Wise, John and Christine Worthington, and Nancy Young

Extra thanks to our monthly giving crew: Marilyn and Paul Moon, Bob Fulkerson, Mary Lee Fulkerson, Kate and Jay Kirkpatrick, Amber Aiton, Jaime Briscoe Collins, Scott Harrington

Thank you to our December office and classroom volunteers! Taryn Perez, Sara Bolling, Marilyn Moon, Chris Keenan, Eric Gieseke, Regina Adamoll, Dorris Webber, Courtney Meyer, Haley Vinson, Sierra Fair, Jessica Patin, Ken Vogel, Nannette Mueller, Greg Raymond, Jewlene Fritts, Cindy Prescott, Mark Geeson, Tonia Meyers, Regina Adamoli, Sophia Maldonado, Chris Stewart, Elsa Heroux, Greg McNie, Theresa Grant, Kate Kirkpatrick, Tanner Swinney

Music Quote of the Month

Wish List

  • Art supplies – anything you’re not using, we’ll find a use for!
  • Copy paper
  • Greeting cards and thank you notes
  • iTunes gift cards
  • Disposable food service goods, such as paper plates, cutlery, and cups
  • Postage stamps

Board of Directors

Kate Kirkpatrick – President Director of Public Information, Marketing & Communications, Truckee Meadows Community College

Dave Stockman – Treasurer President, Stillwater Foundation

Sandy Jacob – Secretary

Dennis Doty – Director Physical Therapist, HCR ManorCare

John Firestone – Director Executive Director, The Life Change Center

Theresa Grant – Director Marketing Executive, Melaleuca

Give the gift of music!

Your donations provide for our low cost and adjustable-rate fees for classes, workshops, music therapy and music lessons! Every dollar donated helps people of all abilities to continue to have access to music therapy and programs.

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