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We Bring Music Therapy to Your Patients and Clients

Music therapy is a powerful way to support patients or clients in their healing process for multiple populations and settings, including:

Music therapist Jodi McLaren working with a child at Renown Children’s Hospital

Music therapy is an allied health field requiring board certification and licensing in the state of Nevada.

Non-music goals for music therapy may include:

  • Increased stability to reduce fall risks
  • Pain management
  • Reduction in the need for medication, including pain and anti-psychotic medications
  • Orientation to time and place
  • Reduction in insolation
  • Emotional processing
  • Reduced anxiety and fear in the face of illness
  • Improved overall sense of well being

Available Services

Individual Music Therapy

Music therapy is the use of music as a tool to help achieve cognitive, physical, sensory, interpersonal, and emotional goals. Music is a powerful way to help the brain and body to learn or re-learn important skills. Music therapy outcomes include: decreased pain, anxiety, and depression; improved sense of self worth, strengthened social bonds, and greater sense of meaning during life’s challenges. Because music impacts multiple areas of the brain and can physiologically change the way we feel, breathe, and perceive our situation, music therapy can be used to affect change in a multitude of ways. Learn more about music therapy in our Why Music Therapy section, or keep scrolling for research links, blog posts, and examples of our work with current partners in the Truckee Meadows.

Group Music Therapy

Group music therapy is ideal for participants who would benefit from support and improved social connections. A South African word “ubuntu” means ‘we are who we are in relation to others.’ One cannot heal in isolation, or even have a sense self without also being part of a group. Group music therapy allows for people to empathize with others, develop deeper social connections, and improve mood and mental health. Music therapy groups are a time and cost effective way to help people with similar needs achieve physical, emotional, social, and cognitive outcomes, with the added benefit of peer support.

Our Current Partners

Renown Health

Renown Children’s Hospital

NMTS has partnered with Renown Children’s Hospital since June 2014. Music therapists meet with patients in their rooms to help reduce fear and anxiety, provide support during procedures, co-treat with physical and occupational therapists, and improve the hospital experience for patients and their families. Music therapy on the pediatric inpatient and intensive care units is funded by the Renown Healing Arts Foundation and the Children’s Miracle Network.

“Jodi is an absolute necessity to our team at Renown Children’s Hospital. As a child life specialist one of my main roles is to ensure that I am offering the tools necessary to help our littlest patients cope with their environment in a healthy way. One of the most successful methods to help them cope is something I’m incapable of, but that Jodi is a master in—music therapy. There are no language or social barriers in the world of music and because of that, Jodi is able to speak to so many of our patients.” –Elizabeth Winkler, Child Life Specialist

Renown Health Patient Enrichment Program

Renown has created a one of a kind program, the patient enrichment program (PEP), which includes daily activities for patients to help increase safety, improve emotional well being, and facilitate successful discharge. Music therapists lead weekly groups, helping patients write songs, play instruments, sing, and provide/receive social support from peers.

“It is always a pleasure to know that Jodi is coming to work with us. Whether it is a group of patients, or one on one, her gentle and creative spirit never fails to draw out even the most shy patients. She has an easy going sense of humor that puts people at ease.   We see the power of love and music in action every time she is visits.” –Cherie Lordy, Patient Enrichment Coordinator

Renown Health Institute for Cancer

Renown not only provides inpatient and outpatient oncology services, but also support groups for cancer patients and cancer survivors. NMTS began providing music therapy to cancer support groups in November 2016, and inpatient oncology in February 2017. Music therapists lead Music and Wellness groups once per month, helping those affected by cancer reduce pain/anxiety, and increase relaxation through music assisted relaxation, music listening, and improvisation. Music therapists provide live music, emotional support, and guided relaxation to the oncology & palliative care inpatient unit twice per month to help patients and loved ones to increase connection, access coping skills, and release emotional tension.

Northern Nevada Medical Center - Senior Bridges

Senior Bridges Inpatient Program

Senior bridges is a behavioral health program for adults 50 and older with acute mental health and behavioral issues. Note-Able Music Therapy Services provides a music therapy group twice per week on the inpatient unit. Patient outcomes include reduced agitation, mood elevation, reality orientation, social engagement, reminiscence, and increased attention and focus. Music therapy also reduces the burden on staff during and after music therapy.

“Music Therapy days are our favorite time of the week!” –Senior Bridges Nurse

The Life Change Center

The Life Change Center

The Life Change Center is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that has been providing recovery services for heroin and prescription medication abuse concerns since 1999. The emphasis of their recovery program is based on two primary themes; empowerment and improving quality of life. NMTS began partnering with TLCC in October 2015 and provides weekly music therapy groups at their Sparks and Carson City locations, as well as at their annual staff development workshops. Music therapy groups include songwriting, instrument improvisation, lyric analysis, and verbal discussion to reduce anxiety, increase social connection, improve coping skills, and improve sense of self-worth.

Northern Nevada Adult Mental Health Services

Northern Nevada Adult Mental Health Services (NNAMHS)

NNAMHS is a comprehensive, community-based behavioral health system for adults. Inpatient services are provided through Dini-Townsend psychiatric hospital, located on the same campus as the central NNAMHS site. NMTS has partnered with NNAMHS since January 2016, providing music therapy groups 4-5 times per week on the inpatient units. Music therapists provide hands on music therapy groups, utilizing songwriting, drumming, improvisation, lyric analysis, music listening, and guided relaxation. Music therapy groups increase motivation, social connection, and reality orientation, while decreasing agitation, depression, and anxiety.


Eddy House

The Eddy House

The mission of the Eddy House YOUth Resource Center is to promote self-sufficiency and empowerment to homeless, runaway, foster, and at-risk youth ages 12-24 by providing safety, basic needs, and access to community resources in Northern Nevada. NMTS started a pilot 8-week music program at the Eddy House in February 2017. This program provides avenues for self-expression, social connection, motivation, utilizing coping skills, and improving self-esteem. The initial 8-week program was funded by the Community Foundation of Western Nevada’s High School Giving Circle, in which high school students allocate funds to local agencies making a difference in the Truckee Meadows. The program has been so popular, funding has continued through private donations and local foundations.

How to Learn More

Give us a call or email

Our music therapists are available to answer questions and begin a conversation about how music can help meet your needs.

775-324-5521 or

In Service

We would be happy to conduct an inservice for you and/or your facility about how music therapy can serve your specific population. Music therapy can look very different depending on the people receiving services, their goals, abilities, and interests. Music therapy activities that serve a child in the hospital could be very different from those that would help a long-term resident of a skilled nursing facility.

Basement Session

Once a month, we offer a lunch for people to come learn about music and music therapy at our facility in the McKinley Arts and Culture Center. The lunch is hosted in our main classroom, located in the basement. We share how music can improve all aspects of our lives, we answer your questions, and The Note-Ables play a short set. It’s a fun way to spend your lunch hour, and is open to whoever would like to join us. Check our calendar for the next date or call the office at 775-324-5521. Please RSVP so we can plan on your attendance and have lunch ready for you! Email Sarah Toney to RSVP.

What the Research is Saying

We gather our favorite new research as it rolls out, documenting the power of music therapy to effect deep and lasting change in people's lives.


Women of the Lullaby Project

Inspired by Carnegie Hall’s ‘Lullaby Project’, Note-Able Music Therapy Services (NMTS) partnered with STEP2 and the Reno Phil to make the Lullaby Project a reality in our community. For the last month, women from STEP2 (a residential addiction treatment center for...

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