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Adaptive Music – Come Join Us!

We offer a variety of adaptive music programs at our location at McKinley Arts and Culture Center in downtown Reno, including:

Our schedule of classes, workshops, and session availability changes often. You can check out the schedule and full class descriptions here. However, to check availability and to register, please call the office at 775-324-5521.

What is Adaptive Music?

Adaptive music programs are designed to promote the success of every person involved, regardless of ability. In our classes, workshops, and lessons, the teacher or music therapist changes their approach, techniques, goals, and expectations to fit the needs of the participants. This is in direct contrast to many music and dance programs, where people are expected to meet the teacher’s instruction and expectations. It happens fairly often that we receive phone calls from parents whose children have been asked not to come back to dance or music lessons, because they are “unteachable” or disruptive. Our goal is to provide an environment that provides optimal learning, individual expression, engagement, development, and fun for people of all ages and abilities.

Experiential Music and Dance Classes

We offer experiential music and dance classes for children, teens, and adults. Our classes are open to all people who want to participate, regardless of ability. We make sure accommodations are made for people with any degree of disability so that everyone is learning, having fun, and being part of our community. Here is the link to our Current Class Schedule.

Dance class exploring movement and getting ready for performance

Individual Music Lessons

Our adaptive lessons bring the joy of learning an instrument to people who may have any number of physical or mental challenges that could limit their ability to learn from a traditional music teacher. Our music therapists have a unique understanding of how to support people with disabilities in learning how to express themselves through singing or playing an instrument at higher and higher levels. We also provide music lessons for people who do not need adapted instruction. We currently offer instruction in piano, guitar, banjo, ukulele, bass, violin, voice, percussion, and drums.

Music Workshops

We offer a variety of workshops for everyone from infants to seniors. Our workshops are a wonderful way to experience a new form of dance or music in a fun, supportive and inclusive environment. Community and connection is at the center of everything we do. For the most up-to-date information about our current workshops, please call our office at 775-324-5521.

Teen Beat Summer Music Camp

Every summer, we do one week of Teen Beat Summer Music Camp for teens with disabilities. For some of our campers, this is the highlight of the year. It’s an opportunity for teens to come learn to work together, have fun, make friends, be creative, and end the week with a show for their friends and family!

From some of our parents:

“Wow, we really weren’t sure Mark would like this, but after the first day we knew how much he was enjoying himself. We couldn’t believe the confidence we saw in him when he was on stage. He looked like he was a pro!”

“One of the most exciting things about camp was that Kyle made a new best friend. We exchanged numbers with the other boy’s parents and have already planned to go bowling together next week. He has never really had a friend, and he can’t wait!”

“This is the highlight of Eddie’s year. Ever since he came last summer this is all he has talked about. When is music camp? When do I get to play music again? When we told him that he going to be able to go to music camp again this year, you would have thought he won the lottery!”

The 2017 camp was so much fun! We will post the dates for next year’s camp in early 2018.

Community Performances

One of the best things we do is put on great performances for the community. Not only do The Note-Ables perform, but all of our participants have opportunities throughout the year to shine for the community. Our individual participants have the opportunity to perform in the Spring Recital and our group participants perform in our annual Artown music festival and Fall Showcase. We also have Halloween and Christmas parties for participants and their families. Lots of fun stuff for everyone!

Support Group

The support group meets twice a month and is designed for people of all abilities to share about the challenges of life and difficult emotions. This group is meant to help people gather the tools and support they need to live their best lives.

The Note-Ables

The Note-Ables are a performance group with a mission is to change the face of disability through music. These passionate and talented musicians show us all how much people with disabilities have to give and offer the community.

Parent Testimonial

With our son being a participant in several programs through NMTS, we have personally seen how the power of music and this organization have changed his life. Michael has learned to make choices, patience, play the piano, sing and dance, become more social and use more language then we had ever thought possible. He performs in front of large groups of people, which has given him confidence. He has gained independence through attending programs such as Teen Beat Summer Music Camp each summer.

Cindy Oesterle-Prescott


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