We love our volunteers

They help us keep things going around Note-Able Music Therapy Services! Without volunteers helping in classes, for events and on the board and advisory board, we would be at a complete loss. There are so many ways to volunteer: join the board, help out in classes, participate in our annual events and help around the office. If you would like to volunteer, please fill out our online volunteer form. If you would like to join our board of directors or advisory board, please contact Manal Toppozada at manal@nmtsreno.org. For general inquiries, email mail@nmtsreno.org.

Current Projects and Needs

Classroom volunteers – We always need classroom volunteers to come sing and dance with our participants! There’s no requirement for musical “talent.” We need people who love people, who want to see everyone thrive around them, and are willing to help our participants in a variety of activities.  Call for more information on current opportunities (775-324-5521) or mail@nmtsreno.org.

Event volunteers – We have lots of events, some more complex than others, and we always need volunteers to set up, help with the fun, and clean up. At any given time, we’re recruiting for the next event. Call for more information on current opportunities (775-324-5521) or mail@nmtsreno.org.

Media, art, or other ideas? – Do you have an idea for different ways to bring your creativity and skills to NMTS? We’d love to hear it! Call for more information on current opportunities (775-324-5521) or mail@nmtsreno.org.


Our volunteers have great stories!

Do you have a story to tell? Let us know! We’d love to share it.

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This organization has allowed me to put my passions, music and dance, into practice. Plus, I can work with people who, through music and dance, are becoming more aware of and are better able to express their needs, wants, feelings, thoughts and desires, in a clearer  and more effective manner. They are also better able to establish deeper connections and relationships with others in our community. As I share my time and experience with NMTS, I am reaping the exact same benefits as I’m sharing. Win-win situation. Marilyn Moon

Dance Class Volunteer

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